• Tennis Professional Bronze
  • Advanced Tennis Pro Silver
  • Elite Professional Gold
  • Extreme Professional
  • Future Leaders Course/Mentoring Program
  • Recognition of Prior Learning
  • Course Facilitators

Tennis Professional Bronze

This course is a complete hands on approach to trainees on their teaching journey. With 90% spent on court and 10% off court, trainees are given every opportunity to attain their skills by doing rather than memorizing. Core topics include Care and Safety, Ball Feeding Techniques, Group Management, Lesson Plan, Games and Activities, Fitness, Footwork, Grips and Stroke Fundamentals. Trainees are given every opportunity to develop their skills, knowledge and experience in this short yet thorough course.

  • Managing Trainees strokes
  • Care and Safety
  • Ball Feeding
  • Stroke Fundamentals (Forehand, Backhand, Serve, Volley)
  • Communication
  • Games and Drills
  • Lesson Plans
  • Fitness
  • Error Detection and Correction

Advanced Tennis Pro Silver

This course is an advanced course for the career minded Tennis Coach. Following on from the Level One Course, Advanced teaching methodology and techniques are looked at closely. Advanced Bio mechanics and ball feeding techniques along with a closer scrutinizing of strokes and techniques to improve players games. It is advised that trainees have a minimum of 150 on court teaching experience however this can be discussed.

  • Advanced Ball Feeding Techniques
  • Good Governance
  • Advanced Biomechanics of all the strokes
  • Tournament Management
  • Sports Nutrition
  • Fitness / Condition
  • Coaching players with special needs
  • Goal Setting
  • Squad training
  • Advanced drills
  • Match Strategy
  • Physical / Mental conditioning

Elite Professional Gold

This qualification is for the experienced Level Two Tennis Professional Coach who currently works with State ranked players or who has helped developed players to attain a State Ranking. This course is delivered with the main emphasis on high performance athletes.Areas covered include Sports Psychology, physical training and match conditioning. Match charting and analysis and off court training are also covered. Strategies and tactics and the introduction of Sports Science in relation to the athletes tournament preparation and visualization are studied. Sports Kinesiology and remedial massage in relation to injury prevention and management are demonstrated and taught by qualified practitioners.

  • Coach Profile
  • Career Goal Setting
  • Coaching Competencies
  • Tennis Specific Warm-Up
  • Tactical Decision Making
  • Physical Development On Court Training
  • Private Lesson with a Technical Focus
  • Coaching at Competition Evaluation
  • Video Charting
  • Starting the Point: Charting Direction and Effectiveness of Serve/ Return
  • Taking Control of the Point
  • Charting Defensive Play
  • Charting consistency and how points were won/ lost
  • Observation Sheets
  • Timed Interventions with students and parents (feedback, goals, reassessments)
  • Frequency of feedback (parents, students, other coaches)
  • Psychological Assessment
  • Planning Sheets
  • Forming a Players Records and Statistical data
  • On Tour with your player

Extreme Professional

  • Asia Pacific Racquet Stringers Association
  • Become a certified Racquet Stringer
  • Quality Stringer or Elite Stringer Certifications are available for all stringers
  • Membership allows members to receive a free APRSA approved stirng as well as certification

Future Leaders Course/Mentoring Program

This course is designed for schools and leadership groups.  It is not tennis specific and is about the development of the individual holistically who would like to take on a leadership role in life.Basic introductions to care and safety and group management are emphasized and a holistic approach to personal development is touched upon by the facilitators.

Some of the topics covered include

  • Care and safety
  • Qualities of a good leader
  • Leadership roles and responsibilities
  • Group Management
  • Group and individual activities
  • Self Assessment and Goal Setting

Recognition of Prior Learning

RPL means Recognized Prior Learning.  The AATC recognizes the importance life skills and life experience plays in the ability to deliver high quality holistic training.  In line with our competency based training courses, we understand the journey you have been on.  As a result, we will streamline the assessment process for you in order to obtain your AATC Certification and benefits that come with it.

Course Facilitators


  • Connie Leone
  • Jeffrey Blanck
  • Paul Kleverlaan
  • Chris O’Mara
  • Lynton Joseph
  • Anson Hansley Norman
  • Jason Nell
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