AATC 1 – Development Tennis Coach – 12 hours


The Development Tennis Coach is someone who is starting their professional coaching pathway. He/She already knows methods, techniques, and variations and he/she is skilled with a great supportive attitude. He/she can easily adapt to different situations with beginner to intermediate level players.  The perfect assistant to a Head Pro.

The course aims at more specific knowledge and specific topics of tennis. The Development coach can be a role model developing a positive mental attitude.


Unit 1:                   Care and Safety

Unit 2:                   Communication

Unit 3:                   Biomechanics – Introduction to Stroke Fundamentals

Unit 4:                   Ball Feeding

Unit 5:                   Error Detection and Correction

Unit 6:                   Lesson Plans

Unit 7:                   Games. Drills and Activities (including fitness)

Unit 8:                   Mach Charting


Methods and Pedagogics, Applied Psychology, The Mental Game, Adolescent Development, Group Dynamics, Presentations, and Attitude. Essential Presentation + Repetition of Instructing Coach Course,  Cert. 2/3