the agtp

The AATC is proud to work with the AGTP. The AGTP (Association of
Global Tennis Professionals) is the governing body of the Men’s and
Women’s professional tennis circuits – the AGTP Tour, the AGTP
Challenger Tour and the AGTP Champions Tour. With 14 tournaments in
10 countries, the AGTP Tour showcases the finest Male & Female athletes
competing in the world’s most exciting venues. From Australia to Europe
and the Americas to Asia, the stars of the 2020 AGTP Tour will battle for
prestigious titles and AGTP Rankings points at AGTP Tour Masters, Gold,
Platinum, Diamond, Crown, Ace, Conqueror events, as well as (non AGTP
events). At the end of the season only the world’s top 8 qualified singles
players and doubles teams will qualify to compete for the last title of the
season at the AATC AGTP Finals held at Melbourne, players battle to claim
the prestigious year-end No. 1 AGTP Ranking.
The AGTP Country Circuit in which there is State, Nationals and
International events.
Director AGTP
Bhupinder Azad
Charandeep Singh