Connie Squre

Connie Leone


About Connie

20 Years of Playing 

9th Year of Coaching

5th Year of Head Coach Role at Beyond Tennis

AATC Course/Workshop Presenter

1. AATC Level 3 CoachDiploma in Sport Kinesiology

2.Certificate in Massage Therapy

3.Currently Completing Diploma in Remedial Massage

This year marks the 20th year of being involved in the sport as a player and later on as a coach. My years of playing allowed me to compete in State and National Tournaments, Junior and Senior Pennant and represent Victoria. Unfortunately to an early onset of chronic injury my goals of representing Australia diminished but over time kept playing from a fun, social perspective. The first stepping stones for coaching were made here at the Elite Tennis Academy with Lynton back in 2009. Gaining as much as I could by coaching at the ETA, other coaching companies, and studying in the sporting field, it helped me create Beyond Tennis in a partnership and find my feet as a coach. Working as a Head Coach gave me the opportunity to develop myself as a coach and bring my knowledge, skills, and qualities to further help the students at the ETA.

My Philosophy as a coach is to educate and provide a learning environment for the students in 4 Elements (Physical, Nutritional, Recovery & Mental/Emotional) that I believe to be essential to the development of all players/athlete of any age and ability. My goals as a coach is to give my students the best opportunity to learn and evolve in their own individual way to reach their desired goals and carry everything they have learned about those 4 Elements and apply it to daily life. The most crucial part of an athlete’s development is to build on the foundations and create good habits from an early age and thats where I feel my strengths come into play!

I coach all age groups but I like to coach private lessons the most because it gives a 1 on 1 opportunity to help improve one certain aspect of a player’s game at a time.

As a coach/mentor/educator the greatest pleasure is being part of my students journey and making a positive impact in their life on and off the court. It makes me so proud to see my students make positive changes in their life and seeing the benefits they receive from their own actions regardless what their individual goals may be.

Huge Disney Fan!!