As an AATC member, you strive to be the best coaching professional you can. You shall fulfill the obligations of being an upstanding and honest member of the community. To your students, to your community, and to the tennis coaching community at large, you will try to be a role model. All AATC members are expected to maintain and observe a sound base of moral integrity and exemplify the highest ideals of our profession. It is understood that each and every coach member of the AATC accepts and agrees to follow the AATC Code of Ethics.
AATC requires absolute adherence to the following Code of Ethics
1. ⇥ Bring credit to the tennis profession, and shall exhibit professionalism in all of their words and actions.
2. ⇥ Be sportsmanlike and honest at all times, behave in a professional manner both on and off the court and exemplify the highest standards of moral character.
3. ⇥ Honor all professional relationships with their colleagues, and shall treat their colleagues with great respect and dignity.
4. ⇥ Meet their financial responsibilities promptly and honor their contracts.
5. ⇥ Act in full accordance with institutional, conference and national governing body rules, and shall report any violation of governing body rules.
6. ⇥ Continue to enhance their professional goals by continuing educational pursuits, seminars and conventions.
7. ⇥ Strive for excellence through professional development.
8. ⇥ Put the welfare of the athlete first while maintaining professional relationships with them and for all encourage the athlete to exhibit good sportsmanship.
9. ⇥ Respect each place you work, play or visit.
10. ⇥ Address all concerns with institutional, conference and national governing body rules,as well as all concerns with colleagues or umpires, through the proper channels, and never through the media or rumor.
11. ⇥ Coach and abide by the rules of the game and always respect officials and their decisions.
12. ⇥ Be honest and forthright, and refrain from making negative or derogatory statements about another coach or institution.
13. ⇥ Not give or solicit coaching where an AATC Professional is employed, unless prior approval has been given.
14. ⇥ Treat all match umpires in a professional and respectable manner.
15. ⇥ Encourage healthy respect for your fellow coaches and AATC.