Hakan Dahlbo

Hakan Dahlbo

ESTESS President

About Hakan

Founder, President, and Head Pro of ESTESS

Dr. of Science (DSc) – Specialist in Medical Physical Training,

state-approved and approved for orthopedic naprapathic medicine (DN) and Chinese medical acupuncture (BAc), former Swedish association trainer, young and competitive player – national class A, qualified trainer – protrainer (EAU / ETFIS ), District coach (S), has the highest Swedish coaching diploma. Member of the Swedish Medical Association for Sports Medicine and the Swedish Medical Association for Medical Acupuncture.

35 years of experience in tennis as an active player and coach, over 400 professional tournament support on the ATP, ITF, WTA tour. He was 3 times (1st Div) in the Austrian Davis Cup team as a supervisor. He trained, among others, Horst Skoff (ATP No. 17), Sylvia Plischke (WTA No. 27), Beate Reinstadler (WTA No. 58), Stefan Lochbihler (ATP No. 120), Yvonne Meusburger, (WTA No. 63, Fed Cup team, ÖTV No. 2), Thomas Schiessling (ÖTV No. 4, ATP 254, four-time national champion) and Filippo Messori (ATP singles No. 130, doubles No. 25), Mikael Stradling (Swedish champion, ATP No. 220 ), Magnus Nilsson (ATP No. 220), Paul Baccanello (ATP No. 120, Australia’s No. 4), Petra Russegger (Austrian State Champion and WTA No. 250), Johannes Ager (ATP No. 260, U14 youth world champion), Patricia Mayr (six-time Austrian national champion).