Development Tennis Coach – 12 hours

The Development Tennis Coach is someone who is starting their professional coaching pathway. He/She already knows methods, techniques, and variations and he/she is skilled with a great supportive attitude. He/she can easily adapt to different situations with beginner to intermediate level players. The perfect assistant to a Head Pro.

The course aims at more specific knowledge and specific topics of tennis. The Development coach can be a role model for developing a positive mental attitude.

  1. Care and Safety
  2. Communication
  3. Biomechanics – Introduction to Stroke Fundamentals
  4. Ball Feeding
  5. Error Detection and Correction
  6. Lesson Plans
  7. Games. Drills and Activities (including fitness)
  8. Mach Charting

Methods and Pedagogics, Applied Psychology, The Mental Game, Adolescent Development, Group Dynamics, Presentations, and Attitude. Essential Presentation + Repetition of Instructing Coach Course, Cert. 2/3