Mission & Vision


The AATC – Australasian Academy of Tennis Coaches is committed to:
🎾 Provide opportunities for all to receive a productive learning experience through professional Coach Education and Professional Development.
🎾 Make a difference in the life of every individual who ever dreamed to be a tennis star.
🎾 Provide an equitable and inclusive opportunity to Coach Training that empowers all as an active participant and leaders in sports and the community.
🎾 Provide a standardized tennis coaching plan to welcome the maximum participation of all in tennis at grassroots level.
🎾 To develop a regional network where all can receive support, ongoing professional development, network, develop, pilot and implement new ways of working at a systemic level and individual level to unlock their potential.


🎾 Provide the highest quality training to ensure the promotion of tennis in society with the focus being on grassroots level development in sport.
🎾 An organised sports structure, with flexible time commitment and sound, secure and friendly environment for all enrolled members consciously designed for all which will help them in reaching their maximum potential in tennis through local coaches and academies.
🎾 Providing a unique opportunity for tennis coaches to get trained by internationally experienced and acclaimed facilitators of the highest quality.
🎾 Create a network that will link the sub-regional, regional, national and global network for the advancement of tennis.

Core Value

🎾 Gender Equity
🎾 Sportsmanship
🎾 Teamwork
🎾 Leadership
🎾 Women Empowerment
🎾 Respect
🎾 Integrity

Failure to adhere to the AATC Code of Ethics, Mission and Vision Statements and Core Values will be followed up by the AATC Ethics Committee. The Committee will be made up of three board members who will each hear all evidence and will collectively make a decision in relation to the matter at hand.
A right of review will be looked at by the Board of AATC.
A final avenue of appeal can be sent to the Sport of Arbitration.
The AATC is very proud to provide a high level of integrity along with the highest quality of Coach Education in line with the expectations of PTCA – Professional Tennis Coaches Association and the ESTESS Athletic University.