Elite Performance coach

Competition is a clear goal for the Elite Coach. Of course, his/her work is still of a pending basis between beginners, children, and adults but the Elite coach is skilled in competitive drills, sprints, physical preparation, mental training, and nutrition issues. He/she can also use speed, depth, and angles are well aware of tactical and strategical game plans, and can teach offensive and defensive gameplans, stroke, and movement variations. The ability to play different spins and strokes is a trademark of an Elite coach. He/she can prepare the game and divide the court into zones and areas. It is though not necessary to be a successful player but the ability and fundamentals to understand what young players are going through is essential. The Elite Coach can also adapt and adjust to different players personalities and is educated in professional presentations.

  1. Coaching philosophy and teaching methods for advanced tennis players
  2. High performance stroke production and movement patterns
  3. Advanced tactics and match analysis for elite competitive tennis
  4. Tennis specific physical conditioning and training program
  5. Mental training principles for competitive tennis players
  6. Peak performance nutrition and athlete well-being practices
  7. Elite player development and planning
  8. Racquet and string technology and education

Applied Biomechanics, Serve and Volley, Return Game, Attack: Defensive & Offensive Game, Aggressive vs. Offensive, Defensive vs. Passive, Concentration and Focus, Common Sports Injuries & Treatment, Movement + Repetition of the Advanced Coach Course.