Gareth Balch

I started my tennis growing up in Melbourne, playing without my parents’ knowledge for a while by finding other reasons to go to the tennis club! This changed when I won several tournaments and then had the opportunity to be coached with Don Tregonning and be part of his squad. There followed a fantastic training and squad development.

At 16 I had the opportunity to come to the UK on an Australian Government Scholarship for music, my other passion alongside tennis. I studied at King’s College London, with John Duarte (John Williams’ teacher) and pursued a career in performing before later lecturing in Music and performance at University College London and for the Open University. I examined for the Guildhall School of Music and Drama in London for several years and gained British Council Awards to perform and research in the Czech Republic.

Tennis continued alongside academic study in education in the process of learning and how the brain processes learning in different environments. I took part in successful tournaments around the UK as a senior.

AATC Level 3 Elite Pro

RPT Academy Pro and European Pro

PRT Instructor

LTA Accredited+ Coach (level 3)

B.Mus. (Hons) in Performance

M.Ed in strategic team development

PhD in Education

Honorary D.Univ.

MTC PGCE  in Music Education

Most recent training:  PTR Pro for top juniors with Bob Clarke and Andy Dowsett (2021)

I have coached tennis at Horley LTC in Surrey, England UK for over 10 years, developing a wide range of programmes including disability access courses and junior tennis.

In 2020-21 I led on “Tennis for Free” in my region, with national recognition for the large numbers who attended and the inclusiveness of the sessions.

2021: Sky VIP coaching and GBalch Junior Academy elite coaching.

I have developed a core of Assistant Coaches who are choosing the AATC pathway for their careers in tennis coaching.

I have presented on tennis and sport in the UK and Shanghai as part of conferences on educational development.

I still perform professionally on the guitar, lute, and citole.

Currently, I am preparing a paper on how tennis coaches and elite players can learn from the training and preparation of professional classical musicians.