Paresh Kothari

Paresh Kothari

Co-Founder TSG

An avid sports lover, Paresh co-founded TSG  along with Jay, leaving behind a successful  career in corporate advisory & investment  banking, to pursue his passion for sports  and fitness in an entrepreneurial venture. He  reckons that this will also enable him to give  something back to society.

As a parent, he always encourages his child  to play outdoor sports & strongly believes  that Physical Education is a vital component  of a holistic education.

Paresh’s vision & strategy to create a  sustainable and scalable business model in  sports & physical education, led to TSG start  a new innings to become one of the leaders  in sports and physical education programs  in India.

An MBA and a CFA by qualification, during  his 12 years in Investment Banking, he has  advised various companies on strategy, fund  raising and acquisitions.