Course Goal

This course is the start of your career as a pickleball coach. The goal of this course is to prepare participants to be able to introduce pickleball to new players in a way that is both safe and fun. Additionally, to improve some of their playing skills and understanding.

Subjects and Topic examples

Key Pickleball Terminology, Learning to rally, Learning to score, key pickleball strokes, making pickleball safe, adapting to different class sizes and spaces, matchplay

This course will be perfect for beginner pickleball players wanting to improve both their knowledge and skills. This is also the perfect course for beginner/intermediate coaches as well as school teachers looking to introduce pickleball into their curriculum.

Assessment Process: On court assessment plus 1 multiple choice test to be completed within 48 hours of completing the course.

Course Cost: $300 plus AATC Annual fee

Asia-Pacific Racquet Stringers Association (APRSA)